7 Most Expensive Emerald Gemstone Rings

Emerald gemstone rings are among the priciest pieces of jewellery available, occasionally even costing more than diamond rings.

Emeralds are sparkling green stones that jewellers adore setting onto metal rings to give them an additional pop that attracts attention. They are appropriate for gifts, wedding rings, individual ring sets, and even engagement rings.

For a variety of reasons, emerald gemstones are highly pleasing to the eyes and their owners. Of course, one of them is for their visual appeal. But did you know that emerald rings formerly had popularity as a result of its anti-inflammatory properties?

If they experienced swelling-related problems around or in their eyes, many individuals would give their loved ones emerald rings and jewellery. It’s hardly surprising that emeralds are currently one of the most costly gemstones in existence.

The Seven Most Expensive Emerald Rings Available

Most Expensive Emerald Gemstone Rings, Rockefeller

Are you curious in the potential cost of emerald gemstones? People enjoy to invest in these renowned gemstones because they can increase in value in the future.

Below are the prices of seven of the most costly emerald gemstone rings.

1. Rockefeller Emerald

2018 saw Christie’s sell this well-liked emerald ring for $5,511,500. In 1930, the wife of John D. Rockefeller, Jr., wore it as a brooch. Her son David Rockefeller had the stunning 18.04-carat emerald mounted on a ring after she passed away.

The Rockefeller emerald ring continues to be the most costly and most expensive price an emerald has been sold for, coming in at $5,511,500. The solitary stone is set above prongs in the platinum-gold band of the ring.

2. Afghan Emerald

This magnificent emerald ring sold for HK$17,560,000 in 2015. The emerald was found in Panjshir Valley, close to Kabul, Afghanistan, one of the world’s rarest mines.

A massive 10.11 carat emerald ring is put in the centre of the unusual full-round silver band that makes up the ring. It is regarded as the most costly emerald gemstone ever obtained from Afghanistan and is valued at $225,000 per carat.

3. Exceptional Ring with Emerald and Diamonds, Unnamed

This 61.35 carat diamond went for $4.6 million at Sotheby’s in New York in 2013. The diamond was square-cut and set in a ring with 17 carats worth of marquise and pear-shaped diamonds.

The emerald itself was believed to be from Colombia, and the ring’s band was made of exquisite yellow gold. It merely needed a small amount of clarity improvement.

4. The Chalk Emerald

Despite not being for sale, this emerald and diamond ring is kept in a museum. One of the most costly works of art available anywhere in the world is this one. Emerald and diamonds, two exquisite sorts of stones, are used to make the 61-stone ring.

Prior to being recut and mounted in a platinum and gold ring surrounded by 60 pear-shaped diamonds, the Chalk Emerald’s initial weight was 38.4 ct. The diamond weight is 15 ct. The National Museum of Natural History’s Gem Gallery is presently home to this magnificent jewel, which weighs 37.8 ct.

5. The Dupont Emerald

This jewel was concealed in a drawer for over 49 years with a $25,000 insurance policy. Jessie Dupont, an art enthusiast who passed away in the 1970s, owned it.

She left the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts her 9.11 carat ring, which remained there until 2019. Later, it was put up for auction and brought $1.65 million.

Tiffany & Co. created the Dupont Emerald during the Belle Epoque period.

6. The Stotesbury Emerald

Three American collectors, Evelyn Walsh McLean, May Bonfils Stanton, and Eva Stotesbury, all possessed this famed emerald ring. 34 ct is its weight.

A massive emerald stone cut into a hexagonal form and placed onto a platinum gold ring make up this magnificent item. The gem is encircled by minuscule diamonds in the shape of pear all around its base.

At the Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels Auction, it went for $1 million.

7. A 3-stone ring with a green emerald and diamonds

You’re going to like this ring, which costs $316,100. Beautiful, pure platinum and 18k yellow gold were used to create the band. It includes two 2-color trapezoid-shaped diamond stones on either side of a sizable piece of Colombian green emerald that is situated on top of the band.

The emerald stone in this ring weighs 14.88 carats. This ring is priceless due to the combination of its three breathtaking jewels and its wonderful coloured band. It is presently available for purchase at Leibish.

Vulnerable to envy

There you have it, then. There are some really pricey emerald gemstone rings available. If emerald gemstone rings appeal to you, you may get one without spending a fortune.

Emeralds that weigh less than those in this article can be used to produce a gorgeous piece of jewellery, or you can shop online from reputable jewellery retailers to get stunning emerald gemstone rings.

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