Top 10 International Makeup Artists

Ten best makeup artists worldwide. These professionals, like Bobbi Brown and Sam Fine, enhance the beauty of the celebrities you like.Time and time again, the world’s most well-known makeup artists have invented trends that have swept the fashion world. Good clothing is no longer just for the Page 3 glitterati.

The present generation is constantly redefining fashion and has stunning taste. However, to pull off those avant-garde and modern looks, one’s makeup must be flawless. Everyone has a favourite makeup artist, from A-list celebrities to the most popular beauty and lifestyle influencers. Whether it is a photoshoot or a red carpet event, makeup artists never fail to groom the fashion superstars to perfection.

Some of us lusted after the looks they concocted, while others yearned to match their level of makeup expertise. They have assisted superstars in pulling off a variety of styles with swagger and unwavering confidence. Scroll down for more information on the artists that are inspiring the newest cosmetics trends throughout the world!

1. Bobbi Brown

Her name is well-known in the fashion and cosmetics industries! One of the most renowned makeup artists in the world is Bobbi Brown. She serves as the CEO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and as the beauty editor of The Today Show.

2. Laura Mercier

Are you familiar with Laura Mercier’s cosmetics, body care, fragrance, and bath products? Well, its inventor is none other than Laura Mercier. Only she is trusted to do cosmetics for celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts, and Juliette Binoche. Along with dressing up celebrities, she also participates in editorial shoots and cover designs for some of the most well-known publications in the world.

3. Richard Taylor

He is one of Hollywood’s most well-known makeup artists. Richard Taylor is a co-founder and co-director of Wellington’s Weta businesses and the recipient of five Oscars, four BAFTAs, and several other important honours. Because of his outstanding work on The Lord of the Rings, you might be familiar with his name.

4. Billy B

He works as a makeup consultant for L’Oreal Paris, a major cosmetics company. He has collaborated with worldwide fashion and beauty publications including Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, and Elle. He has become one of the most well-known makeup artists in today’s market because to his inventiveness and flare.

5. Pat McGrath

International magazine Vogue cites her as one of the most well-known makeup artists in the world. That speaks volumes about her! Pat McGrath has collaborated with a number of famous people, including Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, and Jennifer Lopez. She presently serves as the global cosmetics creative design director for Procter & Gamble.

6. Charlie Green

One of the top international makeup artists on the circuit, this woman has been working in the fashion and beauty industries for 20 years. She is the designer of some of the most stunning celebrity red carpet ensembles.

7. Rick Baker

Recall the film “An American Werewolf in London”? Now let’s meet the brilliant makeup artist from the 1981 film. He holds the record for winning the most Oscars for his contributions to Hollywood’s cosmetics and fashion in the Guinness World Records Book. He has won several Oscars for his innovative work.

8. Stan Winston

The worldwide makeup for films like The Terminator, Predator, and Jurassic Park was created by this guy. He also contributed to the films Iron Man and Avatar. His artistic brilliance is renowned both in Hollywood and beyond.

9. Michele Burke

This cosmetics prodigy works with shadow, light, colour, and shape; it is this combination that has elevated her to the status of one of the world’s most renowned makeup artists. She has received 6 nominations and 2 Oscar wins for her work in Hollywood.

10. Sam Fine

We have a lot of choices today when it comes to cosmetic ideas and products. Our list includes some of the most well-known makeup artists, from Bobbi Brown to Sam Fine. While some of them now have their own cosmetics brand, others have worked with a lot of famous people. These makeup artists certainly deserve a lot of praise for their dedication! Thanks to these incredibly gifted and well-known makeup artists, the world of cosmetics is now so diversified for all of us.

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