10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones in the World

Our everyday lives are greatly reliant on our phones. From the cheapest phones in the world to the most costly mobile phones in the world, the cost of a mobile phone can vary greatly. Few items in today’s culture are more closely associated with individuals than their cell phones. A person’s mobile phone serves as his entry point into every aspect of his life. It appears that your cell phone can now perform any task that your PC can thanks to recent technological advancements. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that your cell phone might be so expensive. You should prepare to spend a lot of money if you want a phone that can do almost everything.

10. iPhone Princess Plus – $176,400

With a feature that is not significantly different from other Apple iPhone mobile phones, the iPhone Princess Plus is among the top 10 most costly smartphones in the world. Peter Aloisson, a well-known Austrian designer, created this iPhone. Along with the gold, this unique iPhone taste includes 138 princess cut and 180 brilliant cut diamonds, weighing between 16.50 and 17.75 carats each. Additionally, Peter Aloisson says that diamonds are the best-quality gemstones, making possession of such a gadget rather extraordinary. It costs $176,400 to buy.

9. $300,000 BlackDiamond VIPN smartphone

The Black Diamond from Sony Ericsson comes in at number nine on the list of most expensive smartphones. This elegant idea was developed by Jaren Goh for Sony. It has organic LED technology, polycarbonate mirror, and mirror accents. Of course, no one can dispute the screen results when it comes to Sony. Two diamonds are used as decorations, one on the navigation keys and the other on the phone’s back. This phone costs $30,000 to purchase.

8. $310,000 Vertu Signature Cobra

Signature by Vertu Cobra is the ninth most expensive mobile phone in the world. With shapes like the Cobra snake present on the phone side, the designs are pretty unique. The opulent phone, created by French jeweller Boucheron, has 439 rubies, two emerald eyes, one round white diamond, and one pear-shaped diamond. This phone is $310,000 in cost.

7. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas $1 million jackpot

This phone, which goes by the name Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot, is manufactured by Gresso, a reputable supplier of high-end mobile devices. In 2005, this phone was created in Switzerland. It is 180 grammes of solid gold in weight. More than 200 years old African backwoods are used to make the back panel. The world’s priciest wood is that particular wood. Sapphire crystal is used to make the keys. It also costs a whopping $1 million.

6. The $1.3 million Diamond Crypto Smartphone

This smart phone was created by luxury accessory manufacturer Peter Aloisson and is based on Windows CE. This one-of-a-kind work of art has a sticker price of $1.3 million and is known as the priciest phone in the world. This one has a 50-diamond cover, 10 of which are the rare blue diamonds. In addition to this, it has a few components made of rose gold. Additionally, it offers defence against electronic extortion and kidnapping.

5. The $1.3 million GoldVish Le Million

Emmanuel Gueit, a prominent designer known for creating several high-end watches and pieces of jewellery, created the Goldvish “Le million”. Le Million” Piece Unique, the priciest and most opulent mobile phone, had debuted in Switzerland. The Millionaire Fair in Cannes, France, in September 2006 included the sale of the phone recognised by Guinness World Records as the most expensive mobile phone ever. This designer phone, which costs $1.3 million and is frequently referred to be the most expensive phone in the world, is set with 20 carats of VVS1 diamonds and 18k white gold.

4. King’s Button for the iPhone 3G – $2.4 million

Because an iPhone model known as the King’s Button iPhone 3G continues to hold the fourth-most costly mobile phone spot in the world. This phone was designed by renowned Austrian jeweller Peter Aloisson. This phone has 138 diamonds placed on it, giving it a $2.4 million value. The home screen button, which is a stunning white diamond weighing 6.6 carats, adds to the elegance of this phone.

3. The $3.2 million Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G 32GB

The Supreme iPhone 3G, an Apple variation of the iPhone, is the third most expensive mobile phone in the world, costing $3,200,000. The iPhone 3GS Supreme has a screen framed in fifty-three 1-carat diamonds and a 271 gramme solid 22k gold case. A single rare 7.1-carat diamond is also set within the home button. But that’s not all; the iPhone 3GS Supreme also features Kashmir gold accents and an inside lined with nubuck top-grain leather. It arrives in a chest carved from a single piece of granite.

2. $8 million for a Diamond Rose iPhone 4 32GB

The 32 GB iPhone 4 Diamond Rose by Stuart Hughes is the second most expensive iPhone in the world as of this writing. The phone’s bezel, which costs over $8 million, is encrusted with about 100ct of perfect diamonds and nearly 500 unique, little gems. While the front navigation button is platinum with a movable single cut 7.4ct pink or rare 8ct Flawless diamond in the middle, the reverse is likewise rose gold and has the Apple logo adorned with 53 more diamonds. Additionally, it ranks second on our list of the priciest cell phones.

1. The first iPhone 5 Black Diamond cost $15.3 million.

Stuart Hughes’s third phone. The most expensive smartphone in history has been created by him using gold and black diamonds on an iPhone 5. The manual construction of the gadget took nine weeks to complete. The Apple logo and the borders of the phone’s casing, which is claimed to be constructed of 24-carat solid gold, are each set with 600 white diamonds. while the 26-carat black diamond found in the home button. The owner of the most expensive smartphone in the world is a millionaire from China.

Hope! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the list of the priciest and most exquisite cellphones in the world above. How does it feel to own one of these mobile devices? What price range are you prepared to accept? Would you like to purchase the most costly smartphone to date, the “Black Diamond iPhone 5”? Aproximate price in USD: 15.3 million. The second-most expensive phone is the Diamond Rose iPhone, which costs $8 million. Third-placed Supreme Gold-striker iPhone costs $3.2 million. The King’s Button iPhone 3G, which cost $2.4 million, ranks fourth.

Thse are some of the priciest phones available. These mobile phones are also among the most elegant and distinctive. The list of the priciest watches in the world may also be of interest to you.

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